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Welcome to Peak Balance Forme. My name is Jennie. I am a qualified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and nutritional advisor living in Morillon in the heart of the French Alps.

Previously an international table tennis player, PE teaching assistant and now an amateur triathlete, officially an Ironman and avid trail runner, I have personal experience of training hard and long, working with top-level coaches, finding strategies for self-motivation plus motivating others of all ages and abilities. That is one side of who I am. The other side is I am mother of four including twins. In 2009 I weighed 15stone 6lbs and my body was completely broken after a twin pregnancy. I also understand that feeling of ‘starting from scratch!’.

Training and being fit and healthy is not purely physical however and I have learned never to judge a book by its cover. Life is not always a bed of roses and sometimes it feels overwhelming. Sport has been for me an amazing way to deal with the complexities of life. I seek to help you use it to your advantage knowing not only is it scientifically proven to be good for physical health but also for mental health.


Jennie Coleman-Whealy


I passionately believe that training is not just about going through the motions and counting reps but it is about working together, working hard and working consistently, often creatively, to achieve your goals whatever they might be.

in 2009 I weighed 15.5 stone and my body was completely broken after my third (twin) pregnancy. With the help of others along the way (my physio, a personal trainer and my coach, plus numerous friends who were willing to accompany me - thank you so much everyone), I have almost literally re-built my body muscle by muscle. I have not yet reached my desired final destination but I try to use my experience, empathy and understanding of the process so far to help others to move closer to their destination.

Also, having had way too much experience of overcoming injury myself (frustrating!) which has strongly influenced my own training focus and my training of others, I prioritise preventing injury by helping my clients to build a strong, balanced body which will cope with the demands of everyday life plus any adventures you might wish to take it on!

Relevant Qualifications: Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, Level 3 Certificate in Exercise GP Referral, Level 3 Certificate in Torso training and core-stability, Level 3 Certificate in Principles of Nutrition, Level 3 Certificate in Sports Nutrition, Level 4 Certificate in Exercise Referral, Level 4 Certificate in Lower Back Pain. Certified Insanity Instructor. Certified PureStretch Instructor.

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