Workout and have fun with others

Group Classes

Mon 18h Spin - Bit of Everything
Wed 8h45 Spinlates (Spin + Pilates) | 10h Circuits - Strength
Thurs 18h Spin/Circuits


10euros a session, 90euros for 10 sessions or 50euros for the month.


Circuits classes emphasise strength to support your daily activities including office work, physical work and/or sport. All levels welcome!

Jennie’s circuits classes are fantastic for building strength…her dedication and professionalism mean that every class is awesome!

Wed 10h
Thurs Circuits/Spin18h

No need to book.


Spin, Spinlates (Spin + Pilates) and Total Body Spin (Spin + Circuits)

I am totally lost if I miss a class.. I have had incredible results physically and mentally.

Mon 18h Spin
Wed 8h45 Spinlates
Thurs 18h, Spin/Circuits

Book spin classes through contacting me on 06 44 72 96 42.