Personal Training

PBFORME - Personal Training

Working one-on-one with people is an absolute passion of mine.

In my experience, each person is an individual—not only physically, but in the way they learn, in the way their body responds and in their strengths and weaknesses. Everyone has a life story which might explain where their body is at this point in time. I always seek to understand their history, their present embracing people’s differences, building on their strengths and working on their weaknesses to work towards achieving their individual goals.

Achieve your goals

Personal Training Sessions are the most effective, safest and therefore fastest way for you to achieve your goals. You will receive a personalised and progressive programme tailored to your specific needs and/or goals, 100% of my attention, 100% of the time during the sessions and, if you wish, a programme for you to take away and work on at home.

I can come to your home if you prefer, we can head outdoors (weather permitting) or we can work together in my gym - or a mix of all three!

I don’t promise reaching your goals will not be easy, but once you’ve made the choice to do it, you will never look back!

_I absolutely believe you can, and if you want to you will!


Initial Assessment and conversation - FREE! €40 per hour thereafter.

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