Specialised Training

Lower Back Pain Specialist

Exercise has been proven to be an extremely effective way to recover from almost all types of back pain.

I have recently undertaken specialist training to enable me to assess, design, deliver, monitor and evaluate safe, effective and progressive exercise sessions for clients with low back pain. 18 months ago, I also suffered a herniated disc (and not a small one!) and was completely immobile without the aid of morphine. I couldn’t sit down for months and walking was really difficult! 10 months and no surgery later I completed my first ultra - 49kilometres with 3,400m of altitude gain. I firmly believe it was my commitment in the gym before, during and after this injury that meant I rehabilitated so quickly and now I am stronger than before.

I would recommend starting with a one-on-one session and hopefully you can progress to class sessions which are a fun way to get your recommended 5 sessions of physical activity each week!

Exercise Referral

I have also undertaken special training to work with people who have specific conditions including: arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, depression and anxiety disorders and obesity.

Working within safe guidelines and in conjunction with your doctor’s advice, having the above conditions does not preclude physical activity. In fact, it may be even more important that you start or continue an exercise regime. Being regularly physically active has proven to improve quality of life and in fact some of the above conditions can be reversed if exercise is coupled with the correct nutritional strategy.

Contact me to see how I can offer you a personalised service. You may even find group classes could be suitable for you which are really motivational and fun!



Initial assessment - FREE! 40 euros per session