Move Through Life Beautifully

Change Your Body

Fit but not strong: I was about to suffer a herniated disc.. Me in pain with poor posture

Four years later I am fit AND strong! Me with good posture

Stiffness and pain are not always inevitable even as you get older. You CAN move better, live better and often reduce pain drastically if not completely.

Thank you Jen, your passion for what you do is contagious and life-giving

I have proved it in my own body but also in those of my clients. By working hard and consistently with the help of various professionals, I have recovered from a herniated disc, childbirth (including twins), sacroiliac joint problems and tendonitis. I am still working to redress my imbalances but internally, I am in the shape of my life at 44!


As a member of the ProSportAcademy and with the help of training from Functional Patterns, my various sports diplomas and my own experience over the past 10 years, I have put together a 6-week course which will begin to address your postural and movement dysfunctions. You will find muscles you never knew you had and you will feel the benefits instantly!

I can't do the work for you. But I will be at your side...

6 weeks one session per week, First and last sessions 1.5 hours, the others 1 hour. Includes notes to take home each week and availability for questions and reminders to practice what you have learned at home!


Contact me: or 06 44 72 96 42

I do not accept pain just because I am older and Jennie helped me in a way I did not think possible. I feel as if I could keep going forever. When I first came to Jennie I could not believe how hard I had to work just to stand correctly. My pelvis was held incorrectly for years causing my back to tighten and my hip flexors were so tight I was aching all the time. The best thing for me is the connected feeling I now have with my breathing. It is aligning me, centering me and I feel connected and rooted. I literally have become more stress resilient.

Louise, 51 Change Consultant and Founder of Peaks and Valleys – portal for change.